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Registration for the interlaboratory study Estrogenic Effects

Welcome to EQA Biotests. On this web page you can register for the interlaboratory study Estrogenic Effects for in vitro methods which measure the estrogenic activity.

Each participant receives four samples to determine the estrogen equivalent concentration (EEQ) and, if applicable, the lowest ineffective dilution (LID) for the native samples:

  • a wastewater sample
  • an extract of a wastewater or surface water sample
  • a surface water sample
  • an extract of a personal care product

The samples are spiked with a strong estrogen active substance in the range of 2 to 50 ng/L or contain a mixture of estrogen active preservatives.

Register by February 12, 2021 at the introductory price of 300 Euro (for each method used).

After creating your personal account, you will be automatically enrolled for the interlaboratory study for estrogenic effects. You will receive a confirmation E-mail within few days after submitting your registration.

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This interlaboratory comparison is organised, planned and executed strictly according to the rules laid down in ISO/IEC 17043. QuoData GmbH assures the full confidentiality of data for comparative and evaluation purposes only.